Monday, 24 October 2016

where's spring

Like most southerners we have been whinging about the weather. The rain and cold has outstayed its welcome, by a long way. Every now and then there is a hint of warmth in the air and a snatch of blue in the sky, but it is momentary, a fleeting, tantalising glimpse of what is yet to come. Part of the problem is our expectations; it is the end of October, winter should be well behind us. But this year it is not. A few weeks ago I picked up some blossom that had fallen to the ground, a fluffy pink pompom, something tangible to say yes spring is here.

I waited weeks for a morning where there was some sun so I could photograph a canola field in all its yellow glory. For a short few weeks the flowers blaze a brilliant and bedazzling gold, then they fade and die away ready for harvesting the tiny black seeds that remain. The flowers are all but gone now and the paddocks water logged.

It's kind of weird that it is spring and it is not, a confusing in-between where one season lingers and another appears to be running rather late...

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