Wednesday, 12 April 2017


We are in and unpacked. Luckily the house was pretty much as I expected and as the photos showed. Colin was relieved! Apart from some wear and tear that Colin hadn't really noticed, we are very happy with the place. Although the courtyard is smallish it is one of the things I like the best, I hadn't realised how much I missed having a bit of garden. A very full few days and everything is pretty much done.

There is a list of jobs for a handyman, an electrician and a tree lopper. There is a list of jobs for us too, the kind that we can potter around with over the coming weeks and months. It feels kind of strange to have moved into a place where we plan to be for more than a year or two (hopefully a decade or two), where the contents are our own and where we can do as we please - quite liberating really. It was special to share the moment with Rachel, Zac and Jan who were around at various times to help out and we are very much looking forward to having everyone down at Easter.

When we dreamed of a house by the sea it was always with family in mind - the sharing of something special to us. We imagined a house with space and sun, a bit of garden to grow things and hang a hammock and have a BBQ. A house where you can walk to the beach and the park and the shops and cafes. A house that breathes peace and contentment and fills you with happiness. A house where our family and friends can gather. A house with good food and conversation around a big kitchen table. A house that bears witness to lives being lived to the full. It is the sharing of this house that will bring us the most joy...

Leaving; the Patrol came in very handy 

Arriving; the first time we have used removalists. Worth every cent!

A quick breakfast before they head off to work

Ahhh, the house to myself for a bit

I love this space, looking forward to pottering around. The first job will be to
remove the patch of pebbles and make another small garden bed.

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