Sunday, 30 July 2017

birthday suit

Zac got a new wetsuit and hood for his birthday, of course it needed a test run. It wasn't the best of days or conditions but Point Roadknight promised something.

heading out

some fun little waves

a trademark Zac stance

Jan's practising is paying off

someone is not having a good day, may even have been a bit of an angry outburst

Zac mucking around on Colin's board

the angry man finally found something (in his defence he was not riding his usual board today)

at least he is up

Zac didn't seem to have too many problems

nice one to finish the day

Verdict - the wetsuit and hood were great, only his hands went numb (gloves are next on the list).

Epilogue - the angry man recovered his usual good humour (so much so that when I was taking photos of the ordeal that is removing a wetsuit with numb hands at the end of the day, he delighted in bending over and mooning the photographer, unfortunately I captured the moment, fortunately for him I am not one to post such a thing!)

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