Sunday, 26 November 2017


"What's that?" "Dunno, looks old though"

"Geez, Rome loves a statue"

Insightful commentary on Rome!

We joined the throng of tourists and visited many of the major sights and monuments, joined a couple of tours and by the end were all 'cultured out'
Had an unfortunate lapse in concentration and accidentally deleted all the photos on my camera from the vatican museum and St Peter's Basilica :(


inside the Pantheon

night time tour of the Colosseum 

Amidst the history and art were walks along the river,

a picnic in the park (with the added bonus of segways) and morning coffee at our local cafe.

We have eaten pasta or pizza every day I think, along with gelato.

Four busy and full days and we are ready to head to the country. Abruzzo awaits...

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