Sunday, 3 December 2017

crazy tourists

We decided to explore the coastal area between Casalbordino and Punta Aderci. The idea was to do some walking along the coastal track. We got sidetracked at Ortona though and stopped to look at the castle overlooking the sea and walked through some of the streets.

We continued taking the coastal road and were rewarded with beautiful towns perched along the Adriatic sea with the olive groves and vines growing almost to the waters edge. It was getting close to lunch time and it seemed like a good idea to eat before we walked, especially at one of the places perched along the coast. Seafood was looking good. As usual a lot of things are closed during the off season. We were milling around the entrance to a restaurant trying to look it up online, an Italian couple in a motor home pulled in and went into the restaurant. They re-appeared and with some gestures and the help of google translate we understood that they didn't think the restaurant was very good and they knew a good one a bit further down the road and we could follow them if we like. So we did, why not?

Once we arrived and the guy had parked his motorhome he proceeded to direct Colin to the parking area and more specifically into the spot he thought was best for us. He took us inside and explained to the waiter about a table, looks like we were all eating together, which was fine by us. Having introduced himself and his wife we quickly figured this was going to be an entertaining lunch. And it was. The seafood was really good, Remo was a character and we managed to understand enough to enjoy a pleasant lunch. Remo and his wife were doing the typical Italian multi course lunch, we opted for a single course (uncouth tourists that we are, also somewhat overfed of late). Fortunately the waiter spoke a little English so we could excuse ourselves and explain the reason for our somewhat rude departure before Remo and his wife had finished their lunch - we wanted to go for a walk and swim in the sea before the sun was gone (it was mid afternoon by now). The waiter and Remo were incredulous at this news, swimming at the beginning of winter!  Remo proceeded to give us further advice about swimming - don't go out too far, the edge drops away, don't swim too long it is too cold (we had already figured this out ourselves) and wait a little while after lunch before swimming.  Good byes and thank you's were given and we were off. It was now mid afternoon and we had neither walked or swum, just eaten more food.

We did make it to Punta Aderci, the promised walking track did not really eventuate (well not in the way we think of walking tracks in Australia) and some of the crazy tourists went for a quick dip. Now they can say they have swum in the Adriatic sea...

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