Monday, 16 January 2017

making a start

Hiking and cycling are our intention this year; so Saturday we began. A bit of practice before joining Rach in a couple of weeks for two days on the Great Ocean Walk was also somewhat of an incentive! We chose a local track, climbing the ridges behind Moggs Creek (near Aireys Inlet) and finishing along the beach.

Typically, we had sun and warmth, drizzle and wind, in various combinations and frequencies. We also had the smell of eucalyptus, the singing of birds and the peace and quiet of being the only people for miles around.

lunch on a log (and Colin insists on bringing a thermos for a cup of tea)

At one stage Colin reached for my hand and I felt a moment of fear. When he did that last week a brown snake slithered across our path. But there was nothing, I looked at him accusingly for an explanation, "I was just expressing my love".

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