Tuesday, 31 January 2017

summer fields

The vibrant golden Spring fields of canola have given way to the dry brown Summer fields of hay. It has been interesting to drive familiar roads and watch the fields change with the passing of a season. I had been meaning to take my camera and try and capture something of the summer fields but there was always a reason why 'not today', until it was almost the end of January and I returned from Tassie to find all the bales of hay had disappeared. Bummer, I had missed my chance. Gone was the image in my mind; blue skies, a golden early evening sun and bales of hay, maybe some long shadows, an interesting fence.... sigh. On our way home from a walk in the You Yangs on the weekend we passed a field with bales of hay and an interesting fence and an old abandoned farm house. Jackpot - only it was midday with harsh light and I only had my little point and shoot. Oh well, something is better than nothing. I made Colin stop by the road and snapped a few shots. If I was really dedicated I would have gone back later in the day and with my other camera, but it was too far and I'm not that dedicated and there is always next year...

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