Sunday, 5 February 2017

great ocean walk

Spectacular scenery, beautiful weather and tired legs (oh and being with two of my favourite people), that about sums up our two days on the Great Ocean Walk. Rachel was doing a practice run with some second hand and borrowed hiking gear in readiness for her outdoor education course this year, Colin and I were willing ring ins. We chose to begin at Blanket Bay and walk to Cape Otway and then onto Aire River the following day. Rach carried her fully laden pack, Colin carried a day pack and I got away with a back pack. Rach set up her tent and roughed it, Colin and I opted for a cabin at the caravan park (also so we didn't have to carry a whole lot of gear that we don't own!). We walked about 13km a day, so not too onerous but certainly enough.

Day 1

First stop to admire the view, about 30 minutes from Blanket Bay

Crossing Parker Inlet. We opted to follow the coast rather than the official path for a while

A very tiny river crossing, luckily the tide is out

Around the rocky coast

Lots of rock pools, craters and crevices

Happy to be walking on rocks rather than sand

Round the corner and here comes the sand

Hard work

A quick dip in Crayfish Bay and then back to join the official walking track

Colin walking and drying his swimming gear at the same time

Heading in from Cape Otway to Bimbi Park where we spent the night

Disappointingly, we didn't actually see the Cape Otway Lighthouse, you had to pay $20 per person for the privilege. We decided to pass on that and bought ice-creams instead (much cheaper). The caravan park was advertised as 2km from the lighthouse, maybe as the crow flies, but it was definitely longer than that following the signed path. There were also a multitude of grasshoppers along the grassy way, they were flying and pinging into our bags and our bodies. I kept my mouth securely closed, there was definitely a risk of foreign bodies being in places they were not wanted. Oh and something you don't see everyday, but we actually did, a koala in a tree having a pee.

Day 2

Back on the track

Along the ridge before a descent onto the beach

Heading down

Morning tea time, pity about the vicious march flies

Hard work again

Treasure on the beach

Up, and along the ridge again

Aire River mouth

The end is in sight

Aire River

Our two days were a small part of an amazing walk, we certainly aim to complete the whole track at some point. It is incredible to think that so few people actually see this part of the coast. We feel privileged to have had the experience...

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