Monday, 27 February 2017

a hundred things

Hopefully we are in the home stretch. The last twelve months have had their fair share of stress. Every now and again we hit a wall, both physically and emotionally. It has been a year of 'hanging on' and 'getting to the end'. We are almost there. On Friday we spent one last day in the house that was home for twenty odd years. Colin took a photo on his iPhone to record the moment. With some luck there will be a sold sign across the advertising board in a few weeks.

Also in a few weeks we move into our new place here in Barwon Heads. We haven't had time yet to get our heads around the move. At the moment we take each day as it comes and deal with what needs doing on that day.

And in between it all, walking along a track somewhere surrounded by natural beauty has soothed our hearts and minds. And who couldn't be filled with joy seeing this happy, playful little fella.


  1. Good luck with the sale!! End of an era. Thanks for being such wonderful neighbours. Anne :)

  2. Thanks Anne, yes the end of an era. Hope all is well with you. we are loving living in Barwon Heads and looking forward to getting into our own place again after 4 years of renting and moving around!