Monday, 8 May 2017

back to centre

There are some things that you do that centre you, that bring you back to yourself somehow, that ground you in the here and now. This last week has had lots of those kind of things. Finally some quieter days and a weekend memorable for its very ordinariness. We have cooked large pots of dhal, minestrone, pumpkin and chicken soup - all stacked in neat rows in our chest freezer (newly purchased). We have sowed peas into our new garden beds here at home and in our plot at the community garden. I have picked olives from my trees and researched preserving methods. The process is underway. Colin purchased a whole heap of spice jars similar to the ones Rachel gifted him with as a house warming present. He spent a rainy afternoon labelling, organising and filling them all, which was no mean feat considering there were thirty odd! And then; a rainy Saturday night, an open fire, a big pot of chicken soup and friends to share it with, a lazy Sunday afternoon and a leisurely cuppa with another friend. And the cherry on the top, as far as Colin was concerned - a win for the Blues...

on the tree

in a jar

a multitude of jars

a splash of colour

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