Wednesday, 3 May 2017

the first time

We have replaced the caravan we sold a couple of years ago, not with another caravan but a camper trailer instead. Our intention is to do a lot more weekend wanderings, shorter stints of walking and cycling. The camper trailer is simple and easy - for storage and access, for towing and set up. We took it to Lorne on the weekend to get some things figured out. It wasn't until after we set it up that we realised there was a video on YouTube (of course) that would have been more helpful than the simple instruction page we received. Fortunately the caravan park was mostly deserted so our trial and error approach went mostly un-noticed. We also took the time to set up part of the annexe, something we are unlikely to use very often.

the 'Skamper'

Colin christening 'the kitchen'
There is a lot less space than we are used to, a minimalist approach will be required (along with a bit of creative packing and organising). The main challenge we are yet to overcome is a comfortable bed. We opted for the innerspring mattress, an upgrade on the standard gym style mat that passed for bedding, but alas it is not what we were hoping it would be. We need a plan B.

We think the 'Skamper" will work well for us. The main thing missing, other than the bits and pieces that have been added to a 'to purchase list' was some warm weather. We will be waiting a while for that....

The Erskine River, a stones throw from the caravan park

access to part of the Lorne foreshore

Sunday morning

Erskine River meets Lorne Foreshore

Erskine Falls

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