Sunday, 8 July 2018

byron bay

Think this year is number ten. Another winter, another Byron Bay escape.
Familiar places and familiar faces. Sun, sea, surf and sand. Wind, rain and grey skies. Friends, shared food and drinks on the deck at sunset. Surf, paddle and swim.

Unfortunately Colin is not doing much of the latter. A foot injury just days before leaving has left him watching rather than participating. He has hobbled his way through one week and the next is not looking much better. A big disappointment to say the least, a reset of expectations a neccessity. Johanna and I joined him for the first week, a friend will keep him company in the second and he will head to the Sunshine Coast for a specialist appointment where I will join him again before we drive home.

'What happens, happens' was part of our Yurting Mantra in the days when living in and working from our caravan were plentiful. This last week was one of those weeks that reminded us to let go and to be thankful. To let go of expectations and desires and to be thankful for what is rather than frustrated by what is not. Pain and injury and crappy weather 'happen' and so do kind friends and good conversations and mulled wine and a big pan of paella and the occasional warm burst of sunshine and the ever present sea. And there is always tomorrow...

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