Sunday, 22 July 2018


I guess it might appear a bit impulsive to have a conversation about caravans one day and buy one two days later. It didn't feel that way though. We always intended to buy another caravan, the camper trailer was for the in between. It just turned out to be a shorter in between than we imagined.

Holidays are a good time to take stock, of where you have been and where you want to be. As we imagined the next phase of life, it became obvious that a caravan was the missing essential for us. The camper trailer is fine, when the weather is good, when the time is short and when you are staying put. But when it is wet and cold and it's dark at 5pm or you are moving from place to place it becomes problematic, well perhaps a bit unpleasant and more work is a more accurate description. We longed for warmth and the feeling of a tiny home, for freedom and flexibility and yep, comfort. We longed to be in a caravan again. We longed to spend more time travelling/working, exploring and enjoying this beautiful country of ours. The camper trailer felt prohibitive, a caravan, heart warming joy.

We figured it would be better to sell the camper trailer now, while it is still almost 'as new'. And while we were on holiday and had a bit of time we may as well look at some vans! And one thing led to another and it is a bit of a story but we ended up finding 'just the right one' (that was in our price range and that the patrol can tow). And so we paid a deposit and in a couple of months it will be built, fortunately here in Melbourne.

Conversations and dreaming and making decisions and choices to live a life without regret is never dull, that's for sure...

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Goodbye Dingo

Hello future caravan

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