Monday, 31 December 2018

tiger moth

Up, up and away. When you drop in on family and your brother in law is a pilot and aircraft enthusiast you never know where you might end up.

On route to Kangaroo Island we stopped at Nhill to catch up with Colin's sister and brother in law, Ali and Brian and their family. Amidst the chin wagging, cricket watching, finding out about the work Ali has been doing with the Karen people (Paw Po), Brian very kindly offered to take us each for a ride in the 'Tiger Moth'. Brian's father, Len, is also a pilot and an avid aviation enthusiast and recently purchased a Tiger Moth. It is on display at the Nhill Aviation Heritage Centre. It is an amazing experience to be flying in something that looks so 'flimsy', to hear the whirring of the propellors and feel the force of the wind, to look over the side and your view is unencumbered by windows. It is flying at its most elemental and we both feel so fortunate to have had such an experience. (a very big thank you to Brian for taking the time and doing all the safety preparation before hand!)

clipping on the go pro

last minute adjustments

getting ready for take off

looking out the front (I had to hold the camera up high to take this
as you cannot see out the front because you are sitting down lower)

but you can see out the side and over the wing

flying over Nhill

beautiful lines created by skilled farmers

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