Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Kangaroo Island

We've had a couple of days to explore now. We are choosing one section of the island each day and following our noses to see what we see, particularly along the coast - beaches, bays and headlands.

Day 1

We started at American River, a small place reminiscent of Hawley Beach or Port Sorrell (for those Tasmanians) back in the day when people built simple shacks in beautiful places. We followed a walking path along the coast for a bit,

and stopped to chat with Tony (a local) who is part of a group of maritime enthusiasts building a replica wooden boat from 1803. (from Colin's iPhone)

Across the bay from American River we could see a long stretch of white sand, we had to check it out - gritty sand and wind though.

We figured the other side of the spit would be protected and proceeded to follow dirt roads to find 'the spot'. Yep, a perfect lunch spot, soft white sand, clear blue water and just a few locals.

We cruised back to Penneshaw, where the ferry comes in, and made good use of the maps and brochures from the Information Centre.

Cape Willoughby was close by so why not take a look.

We followed another dirt road, why not? and walked a short distance to view Antechamber Bay. How amazing that at the busiest time of the holiday year there are plenty of secluded places for families to set up and enjoy a day at the beach. I guess when the Island is 150km long there is plenty of coastline for everyone.

Colin finally found a beach with waves, but the blustery on shore wind was not tempting at all, the coffee van and view were though.

Day 2

With another day of southerly winds we headed to the North Coast hoping for sheltered bays.

Emu Bay - yet another 'quaint' shack village with white sand and blue water, and cars driving on the beach.

Along another dirt track to Stokes Bay. At first it looks like there are only rocks

but you follow the signs

through a tunnel that is quite narrow in places

and you get rewarded with this

Another great lunch spot.

We are enjoying having the Patrol, it makes driving on dirt roads easy and with a small car fridge we can set up for the day, head off and take it as it comes.

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