Thursday, 10 January 2019

a stubborn snake

Deep Creek Conservation Park was our destination today. We opted for a walk rated as medium rather than the one rated difficult, we are on holidays after all. Also the one rated as difficult said for experienced and fit hikers only, I don't think I fit either of those categories.

started out windy and cold

Deep Creek Cove is down there somewhere

made it to the bottom

the possibility of a swim just over the horizon

Nup, rocky and rough. But a good spot for morning tea

On the way back Colin came to an abrupt stop, a snake was on the path just ahead (that is why he usually goes first!). It was sprawled across the path so there was no going round or past. We did the usual, make some noise, stamp your feet, no response. Not even an acknowledgment that we were there. Colin proceeded to throw a rock 2 metres or so from the snake, nothing. A couple more rocks and landing a bit closer. Still nothing. This snake was not moving. Eventually Colin resorted to throwing a pebble very close to the snake, actually it was a bit too good of a shot and landed on it. It gave a little start and lazily moved off the path. The problem now was that it was in the bushes by the side of the path, but how far into the bushes? I had visions of it lying in wait til we walked past and springing out to bite the people that had thrown a pebble at it. Colin threw a couple more stones in the general area where it had gone off the path, hopefully to ensure it had a gone a fair way into the bushes. I grabbed Colin's hand and we walked VERY briskly past the spot. I did look behind once or twice just to make sure it wasn't coming after us.

the offender

We checked out Tapanappa Lookout, which was a car park surrounded by trees with no view. However a a couple of hundred meters before the lookout there was a place from which you could view the coastline.

We also decided to check out Blowhole Beach, why not? You needed a four wheel drive to get down. It was a good spot for some lunch.

there's the spot, down there

almost there

a sheltered spot for lunch (some surfers enjoying catching a little wave all to themselves)

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