Thursday, 3 January 2019

KI 2

Day 3 saw us head to Flinders Chase National Park in the south west corner of the island and for once join the rest of the tourists at a couple of iconic spots.

Cape Du Couedic lighthouse

the dark blob/arch is what everyone has come to see (not from this far away though).
And it is blowing a gale.

the Admirals Arch, including tourists

and without

actually have to share the walkways

next stop is the Remarkable Rocks, a geological wonder perched right on a point

scrambling over the rocks is allowed

so why not join the rest

pretty spectacular

no one around this side

a critter soaking up the sun

Ahh, that's better, Hansen's Bay. We found a cosy corner out of the wind for lunch.

Day 4 and high temperatures forecast so a bit more beach/bay exploration.

Decided to check out D'Estrees Bay, but not for us, a tonne of seaweed

Returned to Pennington Bay for waves and a swim. This is about the busiest we have seen any beach.

We returned to American River to find a shady spot for lunch and then checked the map to figure out how to get to a long strip of white sand we had seen across from Kingscote.

where are all the people

shallow water, warm and clear

And just to prove to my children, I actually went in the water here.
It was so shallow and warm it was like a bath!
Once we arrived at such a beautiful and secluded spot your father promptly went skinny dipping
(definitely no photos of that!)
Although I was tempted when he decided to wear his bathing shorts
on his head instead, to protect it from the sun!

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