Saturday, 5 January 2019

KI 3

Our last couple of days on Kangaroo island have been pretty much a repeat of other days, with a minor variation or two.

Day 5

After a cruisey morning around town and a visit to a couple of galleries we decided it was about time to put on our walking shoes. We chose something not too far away and not too difficult. The path meandered along the coast for a bit and was supposed to end up at an historical site.

The blue wooden markers appeared to be replaced by blue ribbons tied to trees and led into the bush and up a hill. We followed (as did a young couple close behind us, equally baffled as to where the path was leading). Turns out to someones property and the blue ribbons were their markers to get down to the water and a tinny moored by the bank! Oh well, never mind, a bit of extra exercise. We opted to return via the beach and what should we stumble upon but a sign for the historic site, minus any actual evidence of a site.

The walk back along the beach was pleasant despite rock hopping at times and walking into the wind.

We ended the day back at Island beach (a discovery a few days ago) and Colin had a swim of course.

This is probably the best beach on the island if you like a long beach with soft white sand and calm water. Those in the know think so too, with quite a few 'nice' beach houses, a line of boats moored in the bay, plenty of water sport equipment and people walking along the beach with glasses of wine at 5pm. And there was a boat that was heading into shore and didn't stop, it kept coming onto the sand and wheels appeared below and it drove right up and parked on the beach.

Day 6

We planned to visit Emu Bay again, Colin keen for a swim. On the way we decided to follow a dirt road and check out Boxing Bay and the North Cape. The four wheel drive came in very handy.

looks promising

rocky and wind swept

the other side

Colin loves this car

Colin had visions of a swim at Emu Bay but alas the clouds closed in and the wind picked up so we turned to plan B. A drive along the beach instead.

There is a great little coffee cart at Emu Bay, actually it is the only place for a coffee. We parked ourselves in a sheltered corner and whiled away the time people watching and eavesdropping. we learnt quite a bit about the place and the people. (from Colin's iPhone)

The Bay of Shoals Winery was next on the list. The couple who got lost with us (while walking) the day before had recommended it. Not a bad spot for a glass of wine and a bit of lunch.

all set up

post lunch snooze

taking it in

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