Wednesday, 9 January 2019

fleurieu peninsula

We have based ourselves in Normanville for the week, a small coastal town on the Fleurieu Peninsula. The caravan park has direct access to the beach and the surf club is a stones throw away. Unfortunately for Colin, there is no surf. He has been able to swim every morning and late afternoon but he is growing bored with the flat ocean. He has decided to add snorkel gear and swimming goggles to the packing list for the future.

Normanville is on the west side of the peninsula and we made our way north towards Adelaide stopping at many of the beaches and bays along the way. Alas for Colin, still no surf but lots of beautiful coastline. It made me think of just how much coastline we have in Australia, no wonder we gravitate towards it. (actually Australia is ranked 7th in the world for longest coastline - Canada has the most by far)

A stones throw from Normanville is Carickalinga,
a fantastic little beach with so few people.
We returned here at the end of the day for a swim.

Sellicks Beach

Port Willunga/Aldinga Beach

Port Willunga Beach

Port Noarlunga

Port Noarlunga has a fantastic jetty

And clear water
And some rock pools

And a reef at the end of the jetty where lots of people were snorkelling

It was strange to find ourselves in traffic and amongst houses and 'normal life'. It was not a nice feeling. We were glad to turn around once we reached Christies Beach and head back to small towns and open spaces and beaches with not many people.

Another day we headed to the east side of the peninsula and checked out a few south facing beaches. Lots of swell and wind this way. The churning water was sand laden, even Colin was not tempted in here today.

Middleton Beach
We poked our heads in at Victor Harbour and Goolwa and figured we may as well go onto Hindmarsh Island and see the mouth of the Murray.

There is always dredging happening here

Enough of beaches for a bit (but not the coast), another day we decided to walk a small section of the Heysen Trail. We took in the views at Rosetta Bluff and then walked along the beautiful coast to Kings Beach, actually a bit further because we were enjoying it so much and you always want to know what is around the next corner!

Rosetta Bluff

The walking trail follows the coast down there

such a dramatic granite coastline
The start of the walk

wonder what is over the hill

wind blown and dry grass and bushes

wild flowers

what's around the corner

the perfect spot for a rest

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