Tuesday, 9 October 2018

GOW day 2

Blanket Bay to Aire River, "rain rain rain, sand sand sand" (Carla Best). It was a drizzly dreary morning and a sandy track afternoon. There was a sore foot and plenty of tired bodies and lolly rewards every 20 minutes after lunch. And there was magnificent scenery and nature's beauty everywhere you looked - and a wallaby and a koala and lots of birds (and no snakes).

Here is how the day unfolded

The obligatory start of the day group shot (thanks Carla's iPhone)

A bit of bush walking amidst the glorious wattle

Time to go up, again

But it is worth every step

 Surrounded by flowering fields

There's a lighthouse on the point - lunch stop

But first there's more going up...

Luckily there was a sheltered dry place for lunch. (P.S You can't actually see the lighthouse unless you are prepared to pay for the privilege, and you can't get a take away coffee from the cafe unless you pay the entry fee to walk into the cafe!) Never mind we had everything we needed.

How to give mum a heart attack

Hard work walking on the sandy paths but the views were amazing

The mouth of the Aire River, the end is in sight

But first comes a descent through the 'enchanted forrest'

The bridge over the Aire River, and we are done for the day

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