Thursday, 11 October 2018

GOW day 4

Johanna Beach to Ryan's Den - the most challenging day so far, lots of up and down and not much in between. Pat rejoined the trek today. Carla, Ella and myself all struggled with injuries (Ella's were ballet related, Carla's and mine age related!) I can't ever remember being relieved about going uphill, but today it was the only time my right knee wasn't sore. Gregg gave me a quick appraisal and some pointers on correct walking style (he happens to be a doctor and a marathon runner so he knows his stuff!). Who ever thought there was so much to a simple thing like hiking. It made a surprising difference and helped me grind out quite a few more kilometres with discomfort only. Eventually distance won over style and I resorted to another lot of nurofen.

Start of the day group shot. It was really cold, those smiles are really grimaces.

First we went up, as usual the views were spectacular

Something a little different today, rolling green hills

Then back to the bush

The bush track became a dirt road for a bit, dotted with some houses. Outside one house was some 'trail magic'.

Back to the track

It wouldn't be the Great Ocean Walk without a river crossing (we got up and left early to arrive at this point before a high tide)

And some beach walking of course, but not very much today

Whenever you come down you have to go back up. (thanks Dr Best for the consultation earlier)

When your legs are tired from walking up again and your stomach says feed me, you stop, even if it is right on the track (thanks Pat for scrambling up the bank to get this shot)

More going up and down

So green

The beginning of the last kilometre back to the car (up hill of course)

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