Friday, 12 October 2018

GOW day 5

Well my day 5 was not the one I imagined.

It was a difficult decision to take a rest day, the desire to hike with the group and complete the whole track was so strong. In the end I made the sensible (and right) decision not to risk my knee - in approximately two weeks we will be hiking the 3 Capes in Tassie. If it wasn't for this upcoming hike I would have just pushed through and dealt with the consequences. Considering I am hobbling to the toilet block 200 meters away and the downhill return to the caravan is causing problems, it is probably a good thing I was 'forced' to make a sensible decision. So today is about ice, anti inflammatory's, stretching and rest. The final section of the track is flatter, so tomorrow should be ok!

Here's what the others got up to today. (photos from Colin and Carla's iPhones)

Ryans Den to Wreck Beach

Start of the day group shot

Apparently the track was similar to yesterday, an awful lot of going up and coming down (encouraging graffiti on the stair rails)

These kind of views are becoming common place!

The bush bits

By passing a farm

admiring the view and resting after another ascent

Snack time

Heading home time

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