Wednesday, 10 October 2018

GOW day 3

Aire River to Johanna Beach. A shorter hike today (only 13km) but much appreciated as a few of the oldies are "feeling it" in their calves and shins and knees and shoulders and other places too. Unfortunately Pat had to take a day of rest to deal with some tendonitis (not sure if he thinks a day of rest is so unfortunate!).

Start of the day selfie - minus 1

Walking on a carpet of tiny petals

More stunning cliff top views

You go up and you go down, a lot

Ella and Jo found the best morning tea spot

Into the unknown

Looking back at where we have come from (and why our bodies ache)

Snakes of a different kind, the yummy kind

Selfie time

there's a track winding back...

Today we walked among the grass trees

The end is down there

But first is a beach walk, soft sand, our favourite!

Jo and I were smart (or perhaps lazy) and walked in the footsteps of the person in front of us, so much easier.

Thanks Mumma Bear

Just gotta cross this and we are almost done. Some of us got wet shoes dodging the incoming tide, some of us took their shoes off and waded instead.

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