Saturday, 13 October 2018

GOW day 6

The last day, a long one too.

Wreck Beach to the 12 Apostles.

We took our start of the day group shot at the finish, the 12 Apostles, when we dropped a car there early in the morning. We figured we would be too tired to take an end of the trek photo and there would be so many tourists we wouldn't have a chance. So here is Carla's iPhone on its little stand taking a group shot for the last time.

Thankfully there was less up and down today. As usual the track alternated between bushy paths and cliff top paths, board walks, stone steps and sandy tracks.

There was a loo with a view

A river with a bridge

And a cafe a short detour away

Colin and I ate our lunch by the river, I wasn't keen for any more walking than strictly necessary

The end is in sight

The last few kilometres were hard, hot work: sandy sheltered paths. We fantasised about our celebratory afternoon tea on the way home. Pat decided on waffles with quadruple ice-cream. Alas the cafe was out of ice-cream, he had to settle for a donut instead. Jo opted for a hot dog! (it was the best one he's ever eaten). After 100km he deserved every delicious mouthful.

100km, six days of walking, spectacular views, varied terrain, wildlife, aches and pains and best of all sharing the experience with family. The kids were real troopers doing a fantastic job. Gregg was official doctor, consultant, advisor and masseuse. But the hero was my sister who's organisational skills are off the scale. Her determination and can do attitude are amazing. I had to deal with a bit of pain for a few days, she has to deal with pain most days. Despite her MS and because of her MS she has embarked on a journey where hiking is foundational. It was a privilege to be part of this adventure - she is such an inspiration.

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