Wednesday, 21 June 2017

where the sun shines

Three days driving, camper trailer in tow and we have arrived - in the place where the sun shines, even in winter. We have a few days here in Caloundra and then a couple of weeks in Byron Bay, the usual mid winter gig. We are both feeling the need for a break, so unless I feel inspired to post a photo or two that's it for a while...

from Colin's iPhone

Monday, 12 June 2017

flying and shooting

This week has been dominated by two things, organising flights to Italy in November and an end of semester photography assignment.

A family discussion, the creation of a fb group, an on-line travel dates spreadsheet, a lot of to-ing and fro-ing and finally ten tickets to Italy organised. We are committed now! Our family pilgrimage to Abruzzo on the anniversary of my father's death will include our children, partners, my sister and my nephew. There will be some coming and going but we will all overlap for a time and there is great anticipation and excitement at the prospect of traveling and experiencing something of our father's/grandfather's birthplace together. We feel so fortunate to have this opportunity.

In between all the organising was the realisation that our up coming trip to Byron Bay meant that instead of four weeks to complete my assignment I only had two, and I couldn't start until we had completed some basic instruction and practice with studio lighting. Having never stepped inside a studio before it was a steep learning curve. I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the tight time frame (and my complete inexperience) but Colin and Johanna came to the rescue, kindly and patiently sitting for a couple of hours each, following my instructions while I attempted to complete my allocated task. Studio photography could be a lot of fun if you knew what you were actually doing! Tomorrow's job is to choose from the following possibilities, complete lighting plans and write a brief description for each :(

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

great ocean road

Johanna decided she wanted to visit Johanna Beach on her birthday, so we took a couple of days and visited the Twelve Apostles and drove the Great Ocean Road in the process. The B and B was memorable, that is the most positive thing I can say about it, the Twelve Apostles viewing platform was rows deep in tourists and it was cloudy. So not a great start.

ordinary light

too many people

how do you feel about all the people? 

Loch Ard Gorge was less crowded and quite beautiful and the sun peeped out for a short while making for more interesting photos.

The following morning we stopped by the Twelve Apostles again while Colin made some work phone calls (phone reception - just). Johanna and I had the viewing platform to ourselves for a while and discovered a whole other path and view that we hadn't realised existed due to the amount of people the day before. And the sun came out. And it was spectacular. So if you want to see the Twelve Apostles without hundreds of other people go before 10am, the tourist buses are still on their way.

As we drove back along the coast the sunny breaks gave way to clouds which gave way to misty rain by the time we reached Johanna Beach. Green rolling hills, cows and a wild beach, three of Johanna's favourite things. We will definitely return to this place in warmer weather.

wild, windy and deserted

here comes the rain