Saturday, 18 August 2018


Pizza making tonight...

a little sarcasm from Johanna - "well that was very enjoyable, a nice family bonding activity, good conversation and very relaxing especially with Mum sticking a camera in your face and not letting you eat"

Wednesday, 8 August 2018


The clouds were looking a bit ominous as I headed down the street to run a few errands. It should have been warning enough to take an umbrella or a coat. All was well until there were a few giant spots of rain as I came out of the IGA and untied Winnie from the seat where she waits. At the pedestrian crossing the heavens opened and we ran to shelter under a canopy over the bookshop. The owner had rescued the bargain table from the downpour and was wiping spots from the covers of books. We chatted as I sheltered and she offered me the umbrella in her car, "you can just return it tomorrow when you're going past". The rain eased so I declined and Winnie and I made a hasty dash towards home. The 'easing' was fleeting and a steady rain set in. There didn't seem much point trying to wait it out and a little water near hurt anyone and there are plenty of people in other parts of the country who are desperate for the stuff. We were almost home and dripping water when we crossed paths with a woman dashing to her parked car. She kindly offered us a lift home.

One of the wonderful things about living in a village is the friendliness and kindness of your neighbours...

A bedraggled Winnie on the beach (from another time), but we both looked a bit like this earlier today