Tuesday, 17 October 2017

extra hours

It has been a while since consistent early mornings have become routine. Unfortunately puppies are like babies, they wake up early, ready to go. Suddenly there are extra hours in the day and it feels like a long time between getting out of bed and falling back into it. Today is 'an at home day' and I had cleaned (including the shower), vacuumed, washed floors and done a load of washing before 8.30am. Then I tackled the garden, watering, pulling out peas and preparing the beds for summer crops and it was still mid morning. So I decided to wash the deck to get rid of the layer of dirt from the roadworks out the front of our house, and it still wasn't lunch time!

Winnie was very helpful all morning, not.

pulling out peas and having a munch at the same time

Another load of washing and finally it is lunch time. Winnie conks out from all her helping and I duck out to the shops while she sleeps.

The afternoon is hot, our first for the season and Winnie is lethargic (actually we both are) so I am catching up on mail, sorting photos (for some reason there are a ridiculous amount of the dog) and writing this blog, and it is not quite mid afternoon, still hours to go before Johanna and Colin return from their respective work days. Think I'll join Winnie for an afternoon nap...

Sunday, 8 October 2017

saturday night

Hmmm, what have we become. It is a Saturday night, 8.45pm. I am laying on the couch with Winnie sprawled on top of me. She is snoozy and cuddly, she really could be in her bed while Johanna is in the shower but I can't resist. She nuzzles her head into my neck, her little tail wags and her heart beats fast. Her breathing slows, she tries to get closer, her eyes become glazed and gently close. She must dream sometimes because her breathing changes, she twitches and makes funny little noises. Eventually, gently rhythmic snores are right near my ear. On the other couch lies Colin reading, the book slowly lowers to his chest and his head nods forward. Eventually, not so gentle rhythmic snores, thankfully not right near my ear. Johanna walks into the lounge, "Are you guys asleep, you have got to be joking it's not even nine o'clock, get with it!"

Life at the moment is very puppy centered, a lot of work for a little while. The reward is loving devotion. Who else will greet you like this when you come home from work.

For those so inclined you can check out the winnstagram

Sunday, 1 October 2017

the south island

Colin had a conference in Christchurch and I decided to tag along. The city remains visibly impacted from the earthquake in 2011. It is a strange mix of emptiness and brokenness alongside a mass of building activity. There are layers upon layers of complexity here; grief and trauma, courage and resilience, hope and possibilities, frustration and bureaucracy...

I spent a pleasant day wandering the streets of Christchurch, visiting the art gallery and walking in the botanic gardens and as I sent a message to my girls outlining the day I realised just what an 'old person' I am becoming. They agreed.

I rode the gondola to the top of nearby hills and enjoyed the view of Christchurch, Lyttelton, the bays, lakes and the sea from the top. Luckily for me it was a clear day, blue skies and blue water.

I joined a day tour and headed west to the mountains, Mount Sunday to be exact, the home of Edoras for those who are fans of the Lord of the Rings. It was breathtakingly beautiful...

It was a ten hour day but well worth it. There is always something so soothing and soul-full about being in nature.

And I have to admit that I really missed Winnie while I was away...