Monday, 10 September 2018

happy birthday

Family. Food. And a Caravan. That about sums up Colin's birthday this year.

The weekend began with the arrival of Rachel (back from her working stint in the Northern Territory). Barramundi cooked over the fire was her very fitting dinner suggestion and expertly executed.

Johanna's eggplant

almost time to add the barramundi parcels

keeping an eye on things

Zac and Jan and Heidi and Alex joined us for a 'cruisey' Sunday. The highlight was christening Colin's new Paella pans (thanks for the recipe Gavan)


getting things started

a gentle patting down

simmering away

the taste test

time to eat

And in between all the cooking and eating was a bit of caravan appreciation. The building of the caravan we purchased when we were in Queensland in July, was completed earlier than expected. We were able to collect it from the factory here in Melbourne just in time for the weekend celebrations. There was a definite caravan kitchen theme in the presents this year!

inspecting the inside

inspecting the outside

so much to be thankful for