Another beginning

There have been a lot of beginnings (and endings) the last few years. We have lived in three states, in rented apartments, in a caravan, by the sea, on the banks of a river and in the middle of a city. It's been hot and humid and also freezing cold, mid thirties and below zero. We have seen the tail end of a cyclone, the driest winter and the wettest summer and been evacuated from a flood. We have called more than one place at a time 'home' and travelled frequently between the two. Work and school have been fluid. Life has been full.

And now is the time for being still for a while, for putting down roots and belonging to a community again. We have not given up our wandering ways, just put them on hold while other things take centre stage. There is a house to sell and a house to buy, a small town and community to make our own, an 'empty nest' to navigate and the dream of another caravan to pursue.

It feels like more than another beginning, more than a new chapter in the story; more like a whole new section or 'part 3'.

And the setting for this 'part 3', the beautiful Victorian coastal town of Barwon Heads. We have long had our eye on this place and a dream that maybe we would live here one day. Well, 'one day' has arrived and we will see what we can do about making that dream come true and about continuing to live a life without regret.

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