Monday, 13 May 2019

mother's day

Mother's Day in Italy is pretty much the same as anywhere else, gifts, flowers and lunch together as a family. Although I did notice that gender roles appear quite fixed here (not sure if it is just my limited  experience or whether it is more generalised), no males helping in the kitchen or cleaning up afterwards. The kitchen (and cleaning) is definitely the domain of women.

It was nice to be back home around 6pm (along with my take away for dinner - not left overs but stuffed carciofe that Giuseppina had prepared earlier that morning for dinner that evening!). In true Italian style I took myself for a passeggiata (walk) around the piazza's. Despite the very ordinary weather people still take their evening stroll, stopping to talk, have an apertivo or a gelato and just 'hang out'. It was nice that despite being alone I could go out into the streets and be alongside other people and feel a part of the town. It also fills in the hours until you are ready to eat again and go to bed. I decided to leave the carciofe for tomorrow and had gelato and cherries (picked yesterday) instead.

a very grey/blue vista this evening

wandered through the labyrinth of laneways and discovered this little gem

and this

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