Sunday, 12 May 2019

going with the flow

I never really know what is going on, there is the challenge of communication and also the fact that plans change.

I was thinking today would be a bit if a rest day after a few busy days in L'Aquila. Teresa invited me to go the local fruit and veg market which I was keen to do. She would ring me about 9 or 9.30. I took myself to the piazza to sit and wait and enjoy the beautiful day and do a bit of people watching. When Teresa called she said she would be late, I said I was in the piazza and would see her later, she said something and then '5 minutes'. She turned up 5 minutes later and said something about Peter (my cousin's husband from Melbourne). I thought we were going to pick something up for him. We went to the local municipal office (just round the corner), the next thing I know we are meeting people and shaking hands and going into the council chambers. Turns out Peter was being presented with a prestigious award acknowledging the work he has done on behalf of Vasto in promoting their local produce via imports with Bertocchi. (Peter was born in Vasto and lived here for 10 years until his family migrated to Australia). I was feeling very underdressed in my sandals and t-shirt amongst all the suits! We even had to join in the group photo, which I screen shot (below and blurry) from a fb post from Vastoweb, which another cousin had seen and reposted.

We did visit the fruit and veg market, had spaghetti vongole (Vasto specialty) for lunch, went to Pietro's orto (block of land) and picked cherries before the rain tomorrow and walked along the Vasto Marina (beach). Thankfully Teresa asked me if I would like to go out later for something to eat or if I preferred to stay at home, I opted to stay at home and have a couple of hours rest before tomorrow, which is also Mother's Day here and no doubt there will be some kind of celebration. All I know is that I'm being picked up tomorrow, the day will unfold as it will.

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