Saturday, 18 May 2019

gira d'Italia

Stage 7 of the gira d'Italia was from Vasto to L'Aquila. The cyclists left around midday from Piazza Rosetti (middle of town and round the corner from my apartment) so today was a holiday here, no school and most shops closed. The piazza was awash in Rosa (pink), the colour that is associated with the race and the colour of the jersey the leader wears. There was merchandise galore.

not sure what these people dressed up were doing or even if they had anything to do with gira d'Italia
The crowd was huge and in true Italian style there was minimal respect for barriers (when they existed) and verbal instructions. We waited for around an hour to see the riders depart.

As usual it all happens very quickly and there was a bit of jostling by the crowd to see and to take a photo or video.

And just like that it's all over. And then most people head home for lunch!

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